As Provided on LinkedIn

Wanda always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and I appreciate her very much for her open mindset, good communication skills and high standards of ethics in everything she does. Besides being a true professional Wanda possesses extraordinary people's skills. She is very reactive, competent, flexible and has always a solution to satisfy her customers. I’m impressed by the amount and quality of work she implements. It's a great pleasure to know Wanda and communicate with her all this time!!

Diana Grigoryan

Wanda exciles at supervising, guiding and motivating the team members. She is very knowledgeable and shows great patience during on-boarding of new team members. She is a natural problem-solver and she is providing easily solutions to any road-bumps that the team hits along way. Wanda not only possess the leadership skills needed for a team, but she also has the behind-the-scenes skills as well.

Hooman Homayoon

She (Wanda) has experience teaching a wide range of employment topics such as: interviewing techniques, resume writing and employment standards. Customer-service oriented and excellent expert with lots of hands on knowledge in fields such as Marketing, Sales, Graphic Design, Education and Hospitality/Tourism.

Gilbert Siu

As a leader, she (Wanda) is honest and constructive in her feedback, it is motivating and stimulating. One thing that I would like to highlight is Wanda’s unique ability to add insightful and thought-provoking perspectives to any issues.

Katiba Roof

Wanda has great facilitation skills and is experienced in conducting job-related workshops. She also helps clients by offering strategic career planning with them. Clients enjoy working with her and appreciate her supports.

Jocelyn Tsai