Meet Wanda KP
Certified Career Development Practitioner CCDP in BC, Canada

I started in the Career Development industry over 10 years ago in Vancouver, BC. The majority of my career I worked as a Career Counsellor however the last 2.5 years I worked as an Assistant Manager for a Canada-BC government-funded employment program in Vancouver. I completed a Career Development Practice Certificate at Douglas College in BC and became a CCDP Certified Career Development Practitioner in 2015.

As a CDP Career Development Practitioner I always placed high importance on upgrading my skills yearly. Even more so when I became a CCDP. I would attend yearly conferences and learn from the sessions - however since the pandemic in 2020 where I am spending more time at home and online, I have found that I am now seeking more interesting and practical Career Development education to further diversity my skills. It is from here the concept to offer more robust and practical Professional Development courses online to the CDP and CCDP community began.


My Skill Set

My 4 main skill set areas below have been built up over 2+ decades of professional work experience as well as education. I have a great balance between industry-specific skills and real world experience.

Note: If you’re interested in getting to know more about my exact work experience, education and accomplishments - please feel free to visit my LinkedIn Profile www.linkedin.com/in/wandakp

In the Classroom

Teaching & Training

I am overjoyed when I am able to share my experience and knowledge with new and future CDPs as well as my established colleagues.

The transition into teaching Professional Development courses online for Career Development Practitioners was a simple one as I have amassed knowledge for the field related to Career Coaching, Marketing and Management over the years. I also worked as an Online Instructor for 10 years in post-secondary education and as an in-class Job Search Workshop Facilitator for over 6 years.

Market Analysis

Marketing & Strategy

With over 7 years experience working in marketing roles, both in corporate and non-profit organizations - I am highly strategic in the way I approach my work as well as how I meet organizational targets. Combining elements of creativity, observation and strategy has served me well and I am prepared to share some practical marketing tips with my colleagues in the Career Development community.

Business Meeting


I have over 3 years of experience managing teams of staff in Vancouver (3 to 16 people) at various responsibility levels, both in corporate offices as well as in a non-profit organization. Because of this I have developed solid on-boarding, training, retention and management skills.

I believe that the people on my team, aren't just people who report to me, they are people who have values and lives that are important to them outside of work - just like myself. As a manager, it is my goal to preserve work-life balance for myself and my team without affecting work performance or quality of services or deliverables.

Colleagues Working in Office

Career Coaching

Doing one-on-one personal career coaching with clients has always been pure enjoyment for me! Over the years I've helped hundreds of people of various nationalities find careers they simply adore! 

My Coaching Style is to help clients find work that is in-line with their education, skills and experience however place high importance on identifying a career that truly resonates with a person's personality and values, and will also allow for work-life balance.