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About Me

I am a professional instructor who teaches college-level workplace preparation and business communication courses as well as professional development courses on career development for Career Development Practitioners CDP. I have helped countless individuals achieve their career goals through and at colleges in Vancouver, BC.


My approach is fun, engaging, and focused on real-world scenarios to ensure the students are equipped with practical skills.

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Professional Development Courses for CDPs

Business Education

Job Search & Workplace Preparation Workshops

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College Student Survey:
Business Communications Courses


My Instructor encouraged active student participation in the class


My Instructor included activities and tasks that had a clear educational focus


My Instructor increased my knowledge and skills in the subject matter

"(Her) Approaches and tools were very dynamic. She engaged with us in all of the sessions. I think this is one of the courses I enjoyed the most. She is a great teacher!"

Feedback from a Business Communications Diploma Co-op college student

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People During Workshop

College Student Survey:
Workplace Preparation Courses

"Ask Wanda whenever you have questions, she (will) explain everything"

Feedback from a Commerce & Marketing Co-op college student


My Instructor stimulated my interest in the topic.


My Instructor provided useful feedback


My Instructor used the class time effectively

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"The way she transmits her knowledge is fun!"

Feedback from a Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op college student

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Interested in attending one of my classes or workshops? Drop me a line.

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