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Hi, I'm Wanda!

I am truly PASSIONATE about working in the Education field in Vancouver, BC in Canada. I believe that education, no matter what topic I'm covering, can be delivered in a way that is EXCITING, stimulating and enjoyable.


This is why I put in extra effort to include not just theoretical but also PRACTICAL information,  facilitate interesting thought-provoking discussions, plan engaging activities and incorporate interactive elements into my classes. I also LOVE to laugh, joke and giggle when I am teaching a class, so hopefully people like my humour too! LOL

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Content Writing

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2022 College Student Survey:
Business Communications Course


My Instructor encouraged active student participation in the class


My Instructor included activities and tasks that had a clear educational focus


My Instructor increased my knowledge and skills in the subject matter

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2022 College Student Survey:
Workplace Preparation Course


My Instructor stimulated my interest in the topic.


My Instructor provided useful feedback


My Instructor used the class time effectively

"Ask Wanda whenever you have questions, she (will) explain everything"

Feedback from a Commerce & Marketing Co-op college student

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"The way she transmits her knowledge is fun!"

Feedback from a Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op college student

(Her) Approaches and tools were very dynamic. She engaged with us in all of the sessions. I think this is one of the courses I enjoyed the most. She is a great teacher!

Feedback from a Business Communications Diploma Co-op college student

Past Teaching Contracts

EMPOW3R Program Facilitator

Neighbourhood House

Oct 12 - Nov 26, 2021
(2-Month Contract)

Facilitator for a government-funded skill-up life skills and employment program at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, called EMPOW3R. The program helps Women (Survivors of Violence, Abuse & Trauma clients) find fulfilling careers as Early Childhood Educators. This was a class of 13 very strong women.

BUS 109 Workplace Preparation Instructor

VanWest College

August 9 - Sept 31, 2021
(2-Month Contract)

Prepared Young Adult Co-op students (ages 18-35) for the Canadian workplace. For the Operations & Supply Chain Management Co-op Post-Baccalaureate Diploma, the Commerce and Marketing Co-op Diploma at VanWest College. This was a class of 18 international students from 6 different countries.

Practical Marketing Tips for Employment Programs Webinar Facilitator


April 14, 2021
(1-Hour Webinar)

Facilitated a Live Webinar called "Practical Marketing Tips for Government-funded Employment Programs" for the BC Career Development Association (BCCDA). This was held on Zoom Meetings and 79 Career Development Practitioners from the Yukon and British Columbia attended.

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"Everything in this class is practical so (you) better pay attention!"

Feedback from a Marketing Co-op college student

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People During Workshop
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As Provided on LinkedIn

Wanda has great facilitation skills and is experienced in conducting job-related workshops. She also helps clients by offering strategic career planning with them. Clients enjoy working with her and appreciate her supports.

Jocelyn T.

She (Wanda) has experience teaching a wide range of employment topics such as: interviewing techniques, resume writing and employment standards. Customer-service oriented and excellent expert with lots of hands on knowledge in fields such as Marketing, Sales, Graphic Design, Education and Hospitality/Tourism.

Gilbert S.

Wanda always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and I appreciate her very much for her open mindset, good communication skills and high standards of ethics in everything she does. Besides being a true professional Wanda possesses extraordinary people's skills. She is very reactive, competent, flexible and has always a solution to satisfy her customers. I’m impressed by the amount and quality of work she implements. It's a great pleasure to know Wanda and communicate with her all this time!!

Diana G.

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